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Castle Cubes - Awaken Children's Imagination

They are toy boxes, storage cubes, book cases, even a WARDROBE! With Two FREE clothes hanging rails, they make a great kid's wardrobe.


1. Castle Design: Our unique and innovative castle design is so attractive that children will love building their own castle, tidying their rooms, putting things away and hanging their clothes neatly. They will make a great Christmas Presents for Kids. The panels have four different designs: Door, Window, Little Girl and Little Boy. Create Your Own Castle World.

2. Extremely Versatile: Castle Cubes allow you to create different castle shapes to best suit your little one's room. To help you choose, our pictures show three different combinations

3. Quality Steel Frame: we use top grade steel to manufacture the panels to ensure a sturdy and long-lasting structure

4. Enhanced Bracket Design: The design of interlocking brackets has been enhanced so the gaps between panels is minimum

5. Large Storage Volume: The Castle's dimensions vary depending on the shapes created. Each cube measures H37cm x W37cm x D37cm (including brackets). The dimension of the combination shown in the Product Pictures is H127cm x W146cm x D37cm (including interlocking brackets), thus allowing for plenty of room to store all those little things and to hang kids clothes


Steel, Polypropylene, ABS, Magnet 


N.W.: 8.50kg

G.W.: 9.50kg

What's in your parcel:

* 7 Doors

* 2 Roof Panels

* 5 Steel Nets

* 2 Clothes Hanging Rails

* 34 Coloured Panels

* 38 Interlocking Brackets

* 7 Pairs Magnets

* 1 Wooden Mallet

Assembly Tips:

1. When inserting panels in the brackets, listen for a "click" sound, which means the panels are inserted properly

2. Use the wooden mallet to reinforce the structure after you have built it

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